"Turning your dreams into realities!"


We reached out to Ambrose Lobato Design/Build after receiving a referral from a friend to complete a mid size remodel project. This was our first experience in doing any kind of house remodel, so it was a nerve racking process. We went out to bid to 3 other contractors and selected Ambrose based not only on price but also on the level of detail he showed in his original quote and the personal interaction  we felt when going through this initial process. Through out the whole project, he really took the time and provided a 1 to 1 personal service that made us feel comfortable and confident with decisions we were making, and that he had our best interests at heart every step of the way. His attention to detail was fantastic, he was patient, very knowledgeable and really went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the end result.Our only regret in the whole process is that we did not engage with Ambrose Lobato Design/Build earlier to do the original planning and architecture designs for the project as  we  feel we would have got a much more detailed design and better service then we did from the original architect firm that we engaged with.At the end of the project we were actually sad that he wouldn't be around anymore and we would not think twice about referring him or contacting him again for our next house project.
~The Woodburns​
Working with Ambrose was extremely rewarding. The way he designed the project requirements made the process very efficient and ensured that I got what I was looking for.Ambrose is a truly gifted designer who brought his own ideas to the table and added his  own element of creativity that took the resulting work beyond what I had envisioned.  This was a major asset.  But moreover, Ambrose was courteous, focused and patient with my questions and ideas.  Anyone who takes the extra care and time to help you succeed is someone worth using again - and Referring.
~​ NR

First Off "thank you" for your top notch design, it took me a while to find help and now I can see why, this design and structure is amazing!! Everyone that I show (builder friends), say it is the best you could do for the size and I would agree 100%, all the bids came in at $45k just like you said, luckily I have a friend helping me do it, saving me money. ​
- KG​​